Production Guides

Southeast Regional Bramble Production Guide
Developed by the Southern Region Small Fruit Consortium, this comprehensive guide was created to provide blackberry and raspberry growers with information on plant growth and basic production practices.

Recommendations for New and Not So New Blackberry and Raspberry Growers
A PowerPoint from N.C. State bramble specialist, Dr. Gina Fernandez, outlines the basics of bramble production, including site preparation tips, trellis and high tunnel information and an overview of blackberry and raspberry varieties and their unique characteristics. This is a summarized version of the Southeast Regional Bramble Production Guide, above, with photos.

Growing Blackberries in North Carolina
This N.C. State University publication is a guide for individuals interested in growing blackberries commercially. However, many of the cultural practices described can be adapted for use by homeowners. Homeowners may also want to experiment with a wider range of varieties than recommended in this publication.

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