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NC State Extension


Whether your operation sales berries direct or wholesale, targeted marketing is a key to success.

Air Shipment of ‘Navaho’ Blackberry Fruit to Europe is Feasible
Article discusses Europe as a potential market for blackberries produced in the southern U.S. and highlights the characteristics necessary for successful marketing of berries to Europe.

Marketing Brambles (Ohio State University)
Guide provides assistance on pricing, customer interaction, economics, promotion and advertising for brambles operations. Navigate through the marketing section (chapter 6) with the “Back” and “Forward” links at the bottom left of each page.

This resource was developed by Ohio State University and sometimes uses Ohio-based data and examples. Many of the marketing lessons and concepts explored, however, can be applied to growers in North Carolina and the Southeast.

N.C. Farm to School Program (NCDA&CS)
The program works with N.C. growers to supply school cafeterias across the state with the freshest, locally grown produce possible. Growers must meet certain criteria and apply for the opportunity to sell through this market.