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NC State Extension

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing, including farmers markets and roadside stands, is a more cost-efficient and viable option for many growers.

Identifying Factors Affecting Consumer Purchases at Direct Market Operations
This research identifies consumers’ buying behavior that will help producers make more informed marketing, advertising and promotion decisions.

Marketing Brambles (Ohio State University)
This guide provides assistance on pricing, customer interaction, economics, promotion and advertising for brambles operations. Navigate through the marketing section (chapter 6) with the “Back” and “Forward” links at the bottom left of each page.

This resource was developed by Ohio State University and sometimes uses Ohio-based data and examples. Many of the marketing lessons and concepts explored, however, can be applied to growers in North Carolina and the Southeast.

Fruit and Vegetable Marketing for Small-scale and Part-time Growers (Penn State University)
Tailored to smaller operations, this publication will help growers identify their major markets, evaluate market demand and determine the marketing channels that best fit their business.