Blackberry Sample Evaluation in Savannah

Blackberry Freeze Damage Sample Evaluation
Growers and Agents: I will be at the 2014 Fruit and Vegetable Conference in Savannah, GA later this week. Debby Wechsler, Executive Secretary of the North American Raspberry and Blackberry Association is sharing her table space outside of the Blackberry and Raspberry Conference on Thursday afternoon. I will be looking at blackberry bud samples that may be damaged by the cold temperatures over the next couple of days.

Please bring in your samples. I will have a microscope and some sharp scalpels to slice open the buds.

– take samples from laterals that occur at the top, middle and base of the canes. Bring in several buds from each section.
-place samples in bags, make sure that the samples are labeled with top/middle/base of cane and variety.
-below is an example of a bud, this was taken last spring so the buds are further along than what you may see in your field.
-if you are doing it on your own, longitudinal slices are better. I suggest you go out before the temperatures drop and after as well, to see if there are any differences.
Navaho bud 3:14:13

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Dr. Gina FernandezExtension Specialist (Small Fruits) (919) 513-7416 Horticultural Science - NC State University

Posted on Jan 6, 2014

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